Monday, October 10, 2011

Lost & Found

This past Spring, Middy expanded his dog lot (and I'm not talking about alllll the puppies). He bought 28 of Iditarod musher, Matt Hayashida's, dogs. Most of these dogs have run and finished the Iditarod multiple times.

About a month ago, one of these dogs went missing: a leader and pregnant female, High Noon, ready to burst with puppies any day. Middy went out one day and discovered she was missing. He searched, but was unable to find her. He sadly concluded that she got loose and died giving birth.

A couple days ago while out on his boat, Middy spotted the elusive High Noon ... with 7 pups in tow. She and her pups were across the river, taken in by a local who found her wandering the town.

Needless to say, Middy rounded her up and 6 of the 7 pups (one he was unable to catch and it is still with the local who took in High Noon on the other side of the river). 

High Noon is now safe and sound back home with most of her litter. They are a little small, but both babes and mom were healthy - probably feeding on fish for the last month.

High Noon

Happy and relaxed pups
These pups have attached themselves to me and LOVE to be held and cuddled - oh darn :)

Now our puppy population has increased to 23 ... with more on the way! 
There are still two pregnant females. 

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